Coming Soon

Big Changes Are Coming Soon!!

We will be updating our store to make it even better in the coming weeks!

Things to come:

1. We will be manufacturing all of our products in the United States and Europe.

2. All products will be shipping from the U.S. and Europe,(no more shipping from China YAYYY) enabling U.S. and European residents to receive their packages extremely quickly with USPS , DHL , and other fast shipping companies.

3. Our product lines will be changing to include newer, unique, better, and more premium products handcrafted once ordered.

4. We will be having a dedicated customer service line for all new orders if you prefer to speak with someone about an order.

5. Once these changes take place we will unfortunately be taking a pause from excepting international orders from certain regions due to the unpredictable effects the current corona virus pandemic has had on international shipping speeds. Shipping times have been entirely too long and we hate giving our customers a bad shopping experience with us. This being the case its best we wait until things have normalized to resume taking orders internationally.

Our website will go under maintenance for a few days up to a week once we begin to make this changes. 

Important: If you have already placed an order you can still reach us once we go under maintenance through the contact email on your order confirmation email.

Also: You can still place an order up until our site goes under maintenance and it will still ship as normal. If you live internationally this might be the best time to order since many products will no longer be available or offered and we don't know how long it will be until international shipping speeds have recovered fully.

We look forward to making your home look even MORE beautiful really soon!